Lasse Westmark
3D Game Environment Artist


I’m a 3D artist who’s specializing in real-time environment, but I also have some experience in high quality visualizations. I work great in teams, but I work great independently as well. I am able to use pressure from a deadline as a tool instead of an obstacle, and I work to achieve the best possible result during the timeframe.

I’m a young guy in my twenties, born in 1988. I can be a bit shy when I meet new people but open up quickly. 3D graphics first caught my interest during elementary school, were I stared doing 3D models using 3D Studio Max 4 as a hobby. I first realized that I wanted to be in the 3D industry during my HTX (Higher Technical Exam), thus I went to a school called 3D College. My HTX exam wasn’t necessary to get into the school, but I definitely see it as a plus, as it gave me a good all-round education and a greater discipline than the one generally achieved in elementary school.

My other interest despite 3D graphics include the outdoors, engines, and my motorbike which is my pride and glory, I use a lot of my spare time in the summer cruisin’ around the countryside.

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» Location:
8200 Aarhus N

» Contact:
Phone: +45 60 13 25 85
Email: lasse.westmark@gmail.com

» Education
Danish Elementary School:
1994-1998 – Strandby Folkeskole
1998-2004 – Jerup Folkeskole

HTX (Higher Technical Exam):
2005-2008 – HTX Frederikshavn

3D College Denmark:
2008-2009 – Grenå Technical School

» 3D Work Experience
2009-2012 – Serious Games Interactive – 3D artist
2012-2014 – Progressive Media Aps – Technical 3D artist

» Skills
3D Advanced:
Autodesk 3D Studio Max 4 – 2010 / Headus UVlayout / Unity 3D Game Engine / Chaosgroup v-Ray / World Machine 2

3D Intermediate:
Autodesk Mudbox 2010 / Next Limit RealFlow

3D Basic:
Pixologic zBrush

2D Advanced:
Adobe Photoshop

Web Intermediate:
Adobe Flash / HTML / CSS

Danish – native language
English – fluently both spoken and written


"Lasse Nielsen came to our company in June 2012, and has worked as a 3D artist on various projects in our company.

In my role as the CEO of the company, I have worked with Lasse both directly, for projects where I took the role as producer, and indirectly, where his direct management was a different producer,

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Lasse. He is talented, determinationed, efficient, and a team player. He is also good spirited and a lot of fun to be around.

Lasse stands out as one of the most technically educated artists I know. He has always demonstrated solid knowledge of what is (not) possible from a technical standpoint, which makes him an exceptionally strong addition to a team of programmers and designers. In addition, Lasse ensures he understand what needs to be done to achieve goals. On a paractical level, it means that he quickly reaches the desired quality without losing valuable time. He has a great understanding of how to meet the expectations of his team, and valuable input on how to improve qality and efficiency.

I have no doubts he would be a tremendous asset for your company and has my highest recommendation. If you have any further questions with regard to his background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me."

Thomas Nielsen, Founder & CEO, Progressive Media Aps

"I've had the pleasure to be producer for Lasse on a big project at Progressive Media Aps, which involved about 30 people. On this project Lasse functioned as a 3D-artist.

Lasse is an excellent artist, who both creatively as well as technically has managed to leave a really positive impression - both internally, but just as much towards customers.

The combination of being able to do graphics while working closely with the programmers, have been quite rewarding for the projects, Lasse has been involved in.

Socially Lasse is a warm and humorous person, who has been well liked by all his colleagues.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Lasse, and I wholly recommend him as a future colleague."

Thomas Heine Bech, Producer, Progressive Media Aps

"Lasse is a very proficient, fast and technically strong 3D environment artist who do well across all the tasks we have thrown at him over the years."

Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, CEO/Partner/Founder, Serious Games Interactive

"Lasse has proved himself as a strong 3D environment artist being able to adapt to different graphical styles and technical requirements. He is a good team member showing interest and initiative in productions. He has good understanding of the technical aspect of graphics and shows a great interest in games and game development."

Eske Knudsen, Game designer and project lead, Serious Games Interactive

"I've had the pleasure of being Lasses instructor, the first year he studied at 3D College Denmark.
Lasse already had good insight and knowledge of 3d, when he first attended our classes. But he was able to build on that, and improve his knowledge. Lasse handled deadlines very well and during lectures he was always paying attention, asked good questions and came up with meaningful suggestions, on how to solve technical issues.
In his after-class assignments, it was clear how he constantly developed as an artist. And in his spare-time projects, he was able to take his interest in lowpoly modeling and texutring, to another level."

Johannes Museth, Instructor, 3D College Denmark